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Oh, Yes! They're Talking.

This was the first poetry book i owned back then.I was damn excited to unwrap its cover and read everything all at one go.But later i decided i would go slow.

This books not only blends well with a cup of coffee on a cold winter evening but also helps you put in a good mood whenever you feel you are low.This book was as such for me,it always helped me to put a smile and inspired me to write:)

The art of penning down yours emotions and feelings is extremely good and the choice of words is unique.

Few poems made me laugh harder, Few poems made me cry, Few poems touched my heart, And few poems i carry them where ever i go.. I wish you to write many more books in the upcoming years.. Looking forward to read them.

Incredibly played with words and heartfelt feelings poured out through poems. Every poem is a feeling within itself and hence loved every poem of the book.

I’m not much of a poem books fan but this one got so special with its unique writing style.

It covered simple topics yet the content was different than usual. However, they are very beautiful to be appreciated and i couldn’t find the right words, 5 stars is what it is :).... looking forward for more writings of Faizur Rahman.

Nowadays, when all the world is filled with pseudo-poetry written by millennial Insta poets, it is refreshing to find a book where real poetry exists. Unlike the present trend of calling prose and quotes as poetry his poems actually have a poetic structure and form. The vocabulary used in the book is excellent, and the rhythm in each poem will keep you hooked till the end. Although a beginner who likes poetry might struggle to understand the poems initially it will help them grow and appreciate the art. Also effortlessly rhyming in a poem is a lost art and the poet here is able to do so, which is impressive. My suggestion to every poetry lover out there is to buy this book and read it. I would go as far as to say, he is one of the best young Indian poets today and hope to see what he can come up with in the future.

I finished this poetry collection in about an hour and a half, without interruptions (Thankfully!) Life is a collection of poems centred around a variety of life related topics but the most recurrent theme was definitely love. The poems were all beautiful and I enjoyed reading them all. Some of them though, I liked more than the others. Sanctuary, Mask, Woman, Dream, Night Sky, Childhood, Treats, Bittersweet and Mirror were some of my absolute favorite ones! I loved the poet's writing style, it was very different from the ones I was used to reading and therefore even more fun! 🙂

I find reviewing poetry like reviewing a color. If your favorite color is blue, it's hard to explain why it appeals to you. Or why blue is better then red. Expressing the inarticulable, the ability to convey a sense of something beyond words through words, for me, is the greatness of a poet.

Life is a collection of poems with recurrent them of Love and variety of Life. The poet has portrayed every phase of life in a beautiful way.Though certain poems have resonated for one reason or another more vibrantly at different times, what consistently comforts me is his sense of freedom. Content-wise and structurally. At first I considered it iconoclastic pretension, but I now find his broken cadence and grammatical structure a welcome vehicle for expressing the asymmetrical emotions that govern. This is a book that's as much fun to read aloud as it is to read silently.

It is a great book with a nice collection of poems. The poems are about various aspects of life but mainly speaks of love. Each poem is realistic and relatable to the audience in one way or the other and successfully pulls an emotional reaction from the readers.

The language is very powerful and the feelings of the author are clearly expressed throughout the poetry! Choice, mask, woman and childhood were some of my favorites!

Honestly, Life is an exceptionally excellent book. Apart from being written in a magical way, it keeps the reader hooked up. Every word written, is laced with the feels in such a way that a reader can actually visualize the emotions. The poet has portrayed every phase of life in a beautiful way. The poems in Life are simply an inspiration for me.

Beautiful collection of poems expressing different emotions. I usually dont buy books on poetry ,this was my first and I finished it in an hour. Loved most of the poems 🙂


Something that depicts what we live.

This 'Life' by Faizur Rahman depicts life nicely and the meaning of each poem stands clear and relatable. I , however, did not like his way of writing the poems. I feel that there should be a limit to a figure of speech but in here every line in every poem is an inversion which irritated me like anything and stopped me to enjoy the poems peacefully. Again this is my decision , so while I hate the book for overuse of inversion I do like the meanings behind the poems.

Life is one of the best poetry collections I've ever come across. The poet has put his emotions in words in an exceptionally beautiful manner.

The poems written in here, effortlessly takes away the reader in a fantasy world. Each and every line of the poem is dripping with the feels. The poet has indeed put his heart and soul completely into the book.

It was a quick read. collection of poems on feelings. it was a good read. simple and smart.

If you want to read a book based on life then this is a must book to read.. it contains poems that would wrench your heart and would make you realize what life is.

I am not much into poetry, but when I started reading 'Life', I couldn't stop. It is a great collection of poems. I didn't just read but I felt each and every alluring word. The poet has bared his heart and soul in the book giving life to 'Life'. It's simply beautiful.

'Life' is a very good collection of poems. I really enjoyed reading this book. Poet beautifully puts all his love and emotions in all the poems. Worth reading.